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We’re an employability-enhancement and placement services platform for jobseekers and we help job-seekers get placed at an unprecedented speed. We train and assess jobseekers on highly industry specific job-ready courses that are designed in collaboration with employers.

Why Aviate ?

Job Offers within 96 hours

Guaranteed job

Supplementary income.

Employability Enhancement

How Aviate works?


First contact:

This is the first part of our process and is designed to capture details about a candidate’s profile so that we can direct them to jobs that align with their interests and career goals. .


preliminary screening

This step is a screening mechanism wherein job-seekers are assessed on their communication skills and other parameters to gauge their suitability for a particular company or a particular profile.


Training and skill enhancement

Job-seekers are trained upon the requisite competencies needed for a particular role via a series of video sessions and roleplays designed to orient the candidates about the operational nuances of the job.


Assesments & Certification

Post-training, candidates are assessed across multiple parameters that are designed to ascertain if they are job-ready.


Interviews & Offer

We schedule interviews with our clients and roll-out the offer letters.

Success stories

We revel and share in the success of our alumni. Several of our candidates have been trained and placed at organisations with great velocity. Here are the stories of a few of them.